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Oct 01

Who is Bob Brown? He's the local SEO King!

Now you gotta figure that ranking a site for Bob Brown should be kinda tough. After all, there are a lot of Bob Brown's in the world. On the other hand, searching for local SEO king must be fairly rare. That's because since almost no one types it, no one really tries to rank for it. But hey, since it's easy, I can rank for it without too much effort and impress folks who have no idea of how easy or difficult it is to get a page one ranking on Google.

Well, based on that, it stands to reason that if you are reading this on the first page of Google, then maybe I know a little something about SEO and how it works. And that my friends, is the reason for creating the page.

Given that you are here, you already searched for Bob Brown or SEO Bob Brown and found me. If you haven't tried yet, search on local SEO King and see if you can find the companion page to this one. Two other phrases I will often tell people to search for are Who is Bob Brown? and Who is the local SEO King?

When people ask Who is Bob Brown?, I often tell them that I'm a Geek. Now, don't lump geek, n-e-r-d and dweeb all together--there is actually a difference. Take a look at this Diagram:

Geek, Nerd, Dweeb Venn Diagram

So, in my opinion, Bob Brown is Intelligent, NOT socially inept, and somewhat obsessed with computers and technology. The perfect combination for someone who wants to help your local business in Getting Customers! Another example of my geekiness is probably my wardrobe. Generally I wear a t-shirt with some interesting topics. I'll get a picture of a few of them and post them on the site for you.

They're kinda of fun to wear. Certainly good conversation starters. Interestingly enough, I get the most comments when I wear my Google T-shirts. "You work for Google?" is the most common question. One of the things I have loved about working for tech companies is that they do supply me with is a wardrobe. New t-shirtson a regular basis!

Being at Google, folks often think that I have all the secret programs that determine who gets ranked number one. Even if it were true, since I am no longer working there and the fact that Google changes their algorithms 500 times or more a year, it's a good bet that things have changed anyway. The principles that I use to help rank people are largely the same ones that Google says we ought to be looking at. Start with good content and make sure that your promotion of the content is relevant to what the content is about and what folks are looking for.